Health Care for the 21st Century

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Offering care that approaches each person as unique, where no two people are treated in the same way. For example, your high blood pressure or depression picture is different than your neighbor’s. Your health care should reflect your individual situation.

Acupuncture Treats More Than Pain

Recent studies have clearly demonstrated acupuncture’s ability to reduce chronic and acute pain in the back and joints. But did you know that it also can bring relief to common ailments such as asthma, digestive disorders, depression, insomnia, migraines, sinus conditions, and gynecological problems? Through stimulation of the energy pathways called meridians, the body’s natural healing response is awakened. In this way, it can address underlying imbalances and symptoms. By identifying and treating the root problem, it can be very effective for both acute and chronic conditions.

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Does It Hurt?

The needles used are ultra thin and insertion is often not felt. When the needle connects with the meridian, a "heavy" or "dragging" sensation is sometimes felt. Massage or finger pressure instead of needles can be used for the extremely sensitive and with children.

How Do I Know If Acupuncture Can Help Me?

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